How does the individual support work?

Please note: The job board is only available in German!

If you are looking for a job, you can be added to our candidate list free of charge. We use your information to create an anonymized profile that we publish in our employee exchange and on social media. In addition, we inform companies that could be suitable employers for you. As soon as a company is interested in you, we send you the job offer - we only initiate contact with the company if you like the proposal.

Here's how it works:

1. Complete the contact form in our job and employee exchange under "Personal support for job seekers". Please make sure that your e-mail address and telephone number are valid so that we can reliably inform you about job offers. .

2. Please describe as precisely as possible what kind of work you are looking for, how many hours per week and in which area you would like to work. The more precise your description, the more accurately we can search for you.

3. Upload your CV, references, documents and optionally a photo of yourself. You can upload up to 10 documents in total with a maximum of 16 MB.

4. Check the consent box and click on "Send application".


If we have any questions or if a company is interested in you, we will get back to you!

Note: Of course, we keep your personal data safe and do not share them with third parties!