Your external payroll accounting

You have better things to do than worry about your payroll? With our full-service package, you can do better.

We take care of everything that belongs to payroll accounting. And of course we advise you when it comes to service contracts, bonuses, travel expenses, employee benefits and much more.

By the way, with us on your side you save more than just money. Namely, a lot of time that you can use for nicer things.

You get all this with us at a fixed price. Without hidden costs. Your new payroll accounting is reliable, friendly, competent. And always there for you.

Payroll accounting

What we can do for you

Payroll Accounting

Ongoing payroll incl. overtime, bonuses, etc.

Travel expenses

Includes mileage allowance, per diems, lodging, etc.

Company pensions

You provide for your employees, we advise and calculate.


Which service relationship is optimal? We advise you.

Registration and deregistration

... for health insurance, tax office, municipality.


Remittance records for your online banking.

Annual reports

... to tax offices, health insurance companies, municipalities.

Municipal tax

Calculation, registration and deregistration included.

Overtime payroll

Compensatory time, overtime, night and weekend pay.

Leaving calculation

Aliquot special payments, remaining leave, bonuses, etc.


Save yourself the effort of dealing with the authorities - we'll take care of it for you.

Premium payments

Including tax and social security calculation.

... and much more


You want to know more? Get in touch with us. We will advise you fairly, without obligation and of course free of charge.

Try our cost calculator. This will give you an overview of how cost-effective external personnel management is for you even before we talk!