Your external human resources management

Personnel management is much more than "managing" employees. In most SMEs, it is not given enough attention because the entrepreneurs are fully occupied with their day-to-day business. And an internal HR department is not always worthwhile.

Effective human resources management brings a great deal to the table: it brings potential to light and encourages it, makes employees more satisfied, and ensures that positions are filled with the people who are the perfect match.

And the shortage of skilled workers? You don't have to worry about that anymore either. At least not if you engage us. Because we don't look for the perfect employees for your team, we find them!

Of course, we take care of everything from recruiting to employee management to departure interviews. And all that at a favorable fixed price.


External human resources management

What we can do for you

Staff planning

Ensuring that the right employees are in the right place.


Plan for the long term. We provide you with all the data you need.

Employee appraisals

We discover the potential that lies sleeping in your employees.

Manage absences

All time sheets at the most up-to-date status.

Manage applications

From job offer to recruitment and employment.


To help your new employees getting started quickly.

Salary Negotiations

We negotiate salaries objectively and fairly to keep everyone happy.

Staff strategies

The ideal employees for long-term development.

Personnel development

There is more to your employees. We bring it to light.

Raise training

To ensure that training makes sense and brings you benefits.

Hiring and leaving interviews

We will do all the talking for you, nice or not.

Create company

Who is responsible for what? We write it down. Organigram included.

... and much more


You want to know more? Get in touch with us. We will advise you fairly, without obligation and of course free of charge.

Try our cost calculator. This will give you an overview of how cost-effective external personnel management is for you even before we talk!